Safaa' Case Study

Safaa’ is an eleven year old girl. She has been living in the Al Bass Camp since her birth. It is in the second time she has participated in Young Roots summer activities. Safaa’ enjoyed many parts of the project, especially dancing, hand crafts, drawing and the trips. She enjoyed learning Arabic and English languages because they were taught in an enjoyable way. Safaa’ expressed her happiness because she met new friends other than those that are in her class or school. She enjoyed going up onto the stage at the graduation ceremony, where she performed a dance and sang a song in front of the audience. Her favourite day was Friday because it was an open day where all the groups mingle and work together.

Talking about Young Roots, she said:
“It’s a lovely summer activity, I enjoyed it a lot. It’s much better than sitting at home and doing nothing during the summer vacation. Two years ago, I participated in a summer activity in Al Bass Camp with a different organisation, but I didn’t enjoy it that much because the activities were boring and not well organised in comparison with the activities in RYP. I’m going to participate in the RYP summer activities and I’ll recommend it to all my friends.”

When asked about Safaa’, her mother said:
“RYP created a chance to the children of the camp to be entertained and amused. Before Safaa’s participation in this summer activity, she used to feel bored and unsatisfied during the summer vacation. Now she has a great passion when the summer vacation approaches in order to start this activity”.

Ibrahim, a youth worker, said about her:
“Safaa’ is a clever girl. She attended the activity regularly. She liked to mix with children from other groups. She developed more self-confidence throughout the summer activity. Safaa’ used to speak with her friends about the trips, and she asked for more.”