Tala Case Study

Tala is an eight year old girl. She has been living in Jal El Bahr Gathering since her birth. She is a disabled child (paralysed) and she uses a wheelchair. It’s her first participation in RYP’s summer activity. Tala came to the venue of the activity by bus. She enjoyed most of the activities, but her favourite were singing and dancing (she dances while sitting in her chair, waving her hands). She participated in a dance at the graduation ceremony. Tala has a full understanding that no other person is better than her. She used to be shy and hesitant, but after her participation in the project she became a different person. She started to be more sociable and more active. Tala has more self-confidence and has a higher self esteem now.

And about her feeling towards Young Roots, she said:
“It’s an amazing project because they took us to the Qasmieh River, which is my first time I’ve ever seen a river in my life.”

Her mother Siham said about her:
”Tala has gained self-confidence and now she could express her opinion freely and openly, all of this happened because she participated in this project. Before this summer activity she was shy and reluctant to speak. Now she dares to ask her father to switch the T.V channel because she wants to watch her favourite cartoon film. Before this project, she never had the courage to ask for this. Now she is aware of her rights”.

Reem, a youth worker, when asked about Tala she said:
“At the beginning of the project Tala was a very shy person who was using just few words in communicating with others. After one week she started to gain more confidence, and she started to develop more communication skills. At the end of the project she was a very happy person who was able to communicate with her peers. She was very happy during her participation in a dance at the graduation party.”