Young Roots’ Patrons: Announcement

Young Roots welcomes Suzi Ruffell, comedian, as our new Patron, alongside our existing Patron, actor and campaigner Juliet Stevenson. 

Suzi started directly supporting Young Roots with a fantastic comedy night back in March 2021, bringing together fellow comedians in support of our work with young refugees and asylum seekers. We’re delighted to welcome her to the team and are looking forward to working together towards our shared vision. 

“I am delighted to become a patron of Young Roots, the work they do for young refugees and asylum seekers is so vitally important. Over the past year, I have spent more time than ever before at home, a place where I could feel safe and calm. It is utterly heartbreaking to me that some people do not have that basic life requirement. I am so proud to support the incredible work that Young Roots does; helping people apply for refugee status, expert mental health support, preventing homelessness, legal services, creative youth activities and so much more. It is vital that those of us that have had the privilege of somewhere safe to call home and the opportunity to live their most full lives, reach out and help others achieve the same.”

Suzi Ruffell

Juliet Stevenson